Rick van den Bosch


    Principal Cloud Architect

Rick is a Principal Cloud Architect at the Betabit Group. He has been fully involved with Azure PaaS since the introduction of Microsoft Azure. Rick now knows Azure like the back of his hand after many consultancy jobs, blogs, tech video’s, podcasts, training courses and presentations. Both for internal training courses and during large international events. Which has earned him the title of Microsoft Azure MVP.

“During my education in Higher Informatics I started working in the software development business somewhere early 1999. Over the years I’ve worked as a developer, lead developer, team lead, project leader and software architect. The last years I expanded my architecture skills focusing on Cloud Architecture. Microsoft Azure is my Cloud platform of choice. In May 2019 I’ve been rewarded with the Microsoft Azure MVP award.

In short, I just like to do cool things in Azure. I write (open source) code and I am an international speaker. Besides architecting cloud systems I try to write blog posts about whatever I encounter during my work from time to time. Among other things…”