B2B Marketer

As a B2B Marketer at YieldDD you experience a unique combination of working for a small, ambitious organization, but with the support and benefits of years of expertise and experience of a larger mature group of companies.

The job for you?

  • Brand positioning and awareness
  • Content creation and communication
  • Creative and analytical
  • Responsibility and growth potential

Who are we looking for?

As a B2B marketer, you are responsible for building a strong brand identity and increasing brand awareness through content creation and communication. In addition, you focus on reaching and binding the right target groups, for example with online and offline content, campaigns, and events. Both in the M&A and IT market.

You will work closely together with the CEO and our Commercial Executive(s), but also the marketing teams of Virtual Vaults and Betabit. Together you determine the marketing goals and plans and make them come true. You will work in a dynamic environment where initiative and responsibility are essential.

You have a bachelor's degree and at least 2 years of marketing experience in the IT or M&A industry. In which you have gained experience with content creation, storytelling, and copywriting, but campaigns and project management are not unfamiliar territories for you either. You are a real marketing generalist, from online marketing to event marketing, from strategy to creation, you facilitate, support and do your part.

About YieldDD

Virtually all successful businesses exist by the grace of software. And ultimately, the success of an organization comes down to the quality of the software. Only then can they really make a difference for their customers. When faced with a strategic decision or business takeover, companies need to have a complete picture of the enormous risks associated with business-critical software. YieldDD provides insight into both those risks and the opportunities.

As a Marketer at YieldDD you are an important link in the growth of a small, ambitious and forward-thinking company within a larger mature group of companies (together with Betabit and Virtual Vaults). Its’ 250 professionals provide a unique mix of expertise and experience.

What's in it for you?

Working at YieldDD offers many opportunities and possibilities. Besides the regular conditions, you can determine your growth path within the company. We will always offer ample opportunities to develop yourself by attending training courses and obtaining certificates. 

Additionally, we place great emphasis on a good working environment. This is reflected in good working conditions and a positive corporate culture, as well as in the employee benefits we offer. You can count on an excellent benefits package, opportunities for training, and a premium-free pension plan with survivors’ insurance.

Working at YieldDD means you have a unique combination of working for a small organization, but with the benefits of years of expertise and experience of a larger mature group of companies.

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