Software assessment

It's essential that companies which depend on software constantly have insight into the quality and security of that software and its processes. And that’s what we offer with our software assessment.

Yielddd Software Due Diligence Reveal Your Digital Future (6)

Nowadays, software plays a decisive role in organizations. It’s at the heart of each modern organization and determines the degree of distinctive character, success and profitability. You have to be able to rely on software that helps your organization grow every day. So you want to have insight into the quality of the code and the development team, into how future-proof it is and into the potential security risks associated with the software.

However, there is often a lack of testing and insight into the quality of business-critical software and software processes. This comes with great risks; software failures that result in a huge loss of revenue, productivity and reputation. Insufficient software investigation is not only unwise but also completely unnecessary. What's more, thanks to our software assessment insights your risks will become opportunities.

From risks to opportunities

You want to have insight into the quality and security of the existing software and software processes:

  • Is my software suitable to go to the cloud?
  • Is my architecture and resource usage cost efficient?
  • What is the quality of our code or that of our suppliers?
  • Is my software scalable and future-proof?
  • Is the software reliable, adaptable and expandable? Or is it end-of-life and needs to be replaced shortly?
  • How do we modernize our software?
  • How secure is my software?
  • Can I have my software penetration tested?
  • And which competences and knowledge does my development team have?

In other words, does the software stand in the way of your strategy or does it offer great opportunities?

YieldDD answers all these questions. We provide insight, we interpret, we offer advice and we leave no stone unturned. You will receive an independent, unbiased overview of risks, opportunities and possible next steps.

Read below which components we investigate and how.

Extent and components of software assessment

When we do a software assessment, this includes various steps. No rush jobs, no cursory analysis. We investigate every line of code, architecture, software process and development team . Measuring the software quality is based on ISO standards and benchmarks using specialist, high-end tooling. With which we also extensively test the security.

Based on your plans and wishes, we determine the extent and components of the investigation. All in close consultation and taking time constraints and deadlines into account, as well as the possibilities to be transparent and to share the source code. Our services are modular so that subsequent steps are always a possibility. In the end, it is all about customization. The investigation depends entirely on the investigation questions. Possible components:

  • Code assessment
    • IP
    • Technical debt
    • Scalability
  • Security assessment
    • Code-guided security assessment
    • Penetration test
    • Cloud configuration assessment
  • Valuation
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Team assessment

Together we will determine which components are needed for the desired insights, and for the strategy you have in mind.

Process and progress

Every software assessment process is tailored. Only after we have coordinated the extent and components of the process, do we get to work. In a way that suits both us and the client, based on a fixed process:

Yielddd Software Due Diligence Process

It’s important to know that it is teamwork. A dedicated team will work together with you, as client, on the process.  Geared to the demand, this team always includes a project manager who is there for all your questions or input.

Report and debriefing

Upon completion of this process, we provide you with an independent and unbiased overview of benchmarks, risks, opportunities and subsequent steps. You see how you are doing in relation to the market, compared to the norm. We go beyond analysis and insight, offering interpretation and advice about your challenges, use cases and research issues. The report always provides leads for the future.

The findings are presented in a concise and clear manner and explained in detail. Besides a clear report, we also provide a personal debriefing.

Yielddd Software Due Diligence Insight

More secure, future-proof software

In short, thanks to our software assessment insights you know the status of the software development and what the risks or opportunities are. We leave no stone unturned and reveal your digital future. This prevents hidden defects or unpleasant surprises and leads to a better IT roadmap, more software objectives realized and more secure, future-proof software.

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