Software Due Diligence

Understanding the value of your investment.

Are you considering an acquisition where software plays a business-critical role? Then you want to understand the potential risks associated with the software. YieldDD conducts in-depth research and provides a comprehensive diagnostic with both findings and solutions. Technical knowledge is not necessary; we will translate our findings for you, to help you understand what you are investing in or what you are selling.

You can’t buy companies anymore without a thorough inspection under the digital hood. Blindly entering a transaction is no longer imaginable.

— Marcel Kannekens, Partner at PARK Corporate Finance

Software failures will lead to a huge loss of revenue, productivity and reputation. With software due diligence you can fully grasp the consequences of your potential investment.

Insight and next steps

You will receive an independent, unbiased overview of risks, opportunities and potential next steps. These findings will be presented in a clear-cut fashion, complementary to your legal, financial and HR due diligence. And in tune with your timeline.

With our services you will learn all about various aspects of the software: adaptability, reliability, compatibility, security, Intellectual Property, maintainability. You will gain insight into the development team and process.

No more negative surprises.

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