Member of the Dutch association of PE firms

YieldDD Software Due Diligence is pleased to be a member of the NVP - The Dutch association of PE firms.

About the NVP

The NVP is the trade association of private equity firms in the Netherlands and the point of contact for anyone who wants to know more about these investors. The NVP represents 90% of the invested private equity and venture capital assets under management in the Netherlands. Members are professional national and international investors who invest venture capital in the Netherlands. Associated members are professionally involved in this type of investment. Think of law firms, consultants, tax specialists, accountants and other advisors. Just like YieldDD Software Due Diligence is now.

Additionally, the NVP is a member of Invest Europe, the world’s largest association of private capital providers. They represent Europe’s private equity, venture capital and infrastructure investment firms, as well as their investors.

Yielddd Lid Van De NVP