European leader

We wish to actively contribute to discussions around major trends and risks.



People are increasingly critical of technological developments. Often, the social consequences of these developments cannot be adequately predicted. In this uncertain situation, our contribution is knowing whether something has been diligently constructed and whether software and systems can be used for their intended purposes.


One of the most significant issues related to information is privacy. The European Union is taking the global lead with new legislation in this area. Within Europe, the Netherlands is once again at the forefront. YieldDD plays a role by translating these developments into tools that measure the quality of systems and software used by organizations.


Digital security is becoming a growing concern. We are convinced that security is not receiving the attention and investments it merits at national, local, organizational and personal level. Awareness is too low, while cybercrime is rapidly growing. We actively contribute to organizations’ resilience by providing insight into the level of quality and security of the software they rely upon.