CAST Highlight certified partner

CAST highlight enables YieldDD to execute a quick and efficient analysis on the source code of the involved software. Highlight helps us measure software health, risks, complexity and cost, helps us assess the business-critical software for PaaS migration, helps us to identify open source and third party vulnerabilities and IP risks, and helps us detect data privacy issues hiding in the software.

CAST provides us with valuable technical data. Data that is combined with the results of our other assessments. After our interpretation and translation, we present you with a clear-cut overview of findings and solutions.

— Ferenc Németh - Senior Consulting Architect YieldDD

About CAST Highlight

CAST Highlight is a leading SaaS Application Portfolio Analysis platform that delivers Software Intelligence at the intersection of IT and business to accelerate and secure your digital journey. It enables enterprise leaders to track hidden risks in custom and open source software rapidly and in a non-intrusive manner. Objective insights along with business context enable more informed decision-making about business-critical software.

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