About Betabit

The best business-critical software.

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YieldDD focuses on the M&A and IT market, supported by a specialized team of professionals from Betabit and Virtual Vaults. Betabit is specialized in the development of software for business-critical systems and has close ties with YieldDD. Over 200 professionals are employed here.

Software-driven organisations

Betabit's clients are organizations that leverage software to distinguish themselves from the competition and succeed. These software-driven organizations see ‘digital’ as a key component of their strategy. They regard their software as a business-critical platform – one that will win or lose them market share, now and in the future.

Measurable quality

In the end, it's all about the quality of the software. This philosophy is part of Betabit’s DNA, and also at the heart of YieldDD. Are we building the right systems? In the right way? How are the architecture and code designed? Who will build the software? Do they have the right skills? Betabit has ample experience in measuring this and has unique in-house knowledge to demonstrate quality.